About Our Legal Fees

At Bastion Estate Law, we believe that transparency, honesty, and integrity should be central to our relationship with our clients. That is why we offer a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your specific needs.

Understanding Wills & Estates Legal Fees

It is our goal is to provide cost-effective, timely and dependable legal services. A key component of this goal is to ensure that clients receive value for the money they invest in our services.

No two estates are the same. Accordingly, no two estate planning or administrative processes are the same. Many firms will quote set fee structures for services. However, as with all things in life, it is important to read the fine print. Standard fees indicate standard services which may, or may not, be applicable to your circumstances. Standard prices often increase once the full extent of the required services are recognized. Properly prepared estate planning or estate administration is not a cookie cutter, one size fits all, service.

Initial consultations, whether over the phone or in person, are free of charge. Following your initial consultation, we will quote you fees that accurately reflect the work we anticipate prior to your engagement of us.

We will further explain any areas where further work may be necessary and the impact that such advanced planning may have on those fees.

What We Do to Reduce Fees While Maintaining the Highest Industry Standards

Our offices are modest but functional. We have worked hard to automate as much of the day to day tasks of running a law firm as possible. Law firms are like any other business. The lawyer working on your file does not get paid the fee you see on your invoice. Like any other business, overhead must be paid before the lawyer gets paid. Clients often underestimate the impact of overhead on the rates lawyers charge. Overhead makes up the majority of the fee you pay. The larger and fancier the office, the higher the hourly rate or, in the case of flat rate fees, the higher the file turnover per lawyer that is required to support this overhead. Every assistant, support staff or receptionist must also be paid out of your fees. The more staff, the higher the fees or higher file turnover per lawyer that is required to support this overhead.

We do not cut corners on the time a lawyer spends on your file. You will not find yourself dealing primarily with an assistant or other support staff when discussing your file. We do not reduce investment in professional skills development. Our goal is to provide high value legal services. When shopping for legal services, consider not just price, but also the level of experience and professional qualifications held by the person working on your matter.  We aim to provide the highest value for our clients.

Why Wills and Estate Planning is Important

Wills and Estate Planning is something that everyone must consider at every stage of their adult life. In addition, it is important to ensure that your Wills and Estate Plans remain current to your situation, as your life changes and evolves. At Bastion Estate Law, we understand the importance of having these matters organized sooner rather than later. Our Estate & Will Services include an analysis of your unique circumstances and family dynamics, providing solutions for your long-term objectives.

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Bastion Estate Law proudly offers timely, dependable and cost-effective legal services in Calgary Wills & Estate, Estate Administration and Probate Law

We offer fee-based unbiased estate planning advice for the majority of our Calgary Legal Services
as well as a Complimentary Initial Consultation to discuss your specific needs.