About Bastion Estate Law

Why Are We Called Bastion Estate Law?

We want you to know “What’s in a Name” and why we have chosen the word “Bastion” as our principal focus.

Bastion Shape | Bastion Estate LawThe Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a bastion as:

  • A projecting part of a fortification
  • A fortified area or position
  • A stronghold

Medieval estate owners viewed bastions as integral components of defensive fortifications surrounding their estate. Bastions were critical for protecting the estate and preserving the people and assets held within the fortification. At Bastion Estate Law, we view the modern estate plan as an integral component to protecting an individual’s estate. While no longer protected with stone and mortar, a modern estate requires robust legal protection. Comprehensive planning and administration have taken the place of physical fortifications.
Along with asset accumulation and sound investment strategies, a comprehensive estate plan is crucial for you and your family’s future financial and personal wellbeing.  We take this responsibility seriously. It is what we do. It is not viewed as an “add-on” to our other practice areas.

Let us Help Fortify Your Estate!

Robert Douglas and his legal team are committed to safeguarding your legacy for your family. Our Legal Practice focuses on a comprehensive approach to estate planning and protecting the generations to come. That is why we design estate plans to proactively protect and manage your family’s assets and the legacy that you have worked so hard to build.

In crafting your unique estate plan, Robert Douglas – who is a certified Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) – and his team will take the time to thoroughly understand your concerns and hopes for your family’s future. Once we have considered the whole picture, only then will we implement your customized estate plan.

At Bastion Estate Law, we focus not just on the technical aspects, but also take into account the human equation of estate planning. We want to understand your family’s unique circumstances and build the right plan that accurately reflects your family’s future goals.

By providing a high level of service along with our extensive experience, we will take the drudgery out of estate planning and help you tailor a plan with clearly definable goals. Let us show you how Bastion can protect your future!

We offer fee-based unbiased estate planning advice for the majority of our Calgary Legal Services
as well as a Complimentary Initial Consultation to discuss your specific needs.