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At Bastion Estate Law, we offer professional and concise Calgary Multi-Generational Planning Services. Multi-generational planning is an important part of your overall estate plan and our goal is to ensure your estate planning process goes as smoothly as possible.

What is Multi-Generational Planning?

Generational or multi-generational planning is the process of planning long-term, multi-generational wealth. The emphasis for generational planning is based on how to maximize wealth within your family lineage over a period of time, looking as far as fifty or more years into the future.

Often individuals will aspire to leave a family legacy that extends beyond the next generation. A key focus of generational planning can be to protect the estate from future creditor claims, spendthrift beneficiaries and matrimonial property claims in future generations.

Protection of a legacy can be accomplished via a number of structures that may include the use of trusts, corporations, and charitable giving among others.  A qualified professional estate planner can work with clients to structure their estate plan in a manner that will provide for many generations to come.

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