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At Bastion Estate Law, our team of legal professionals is committed to helping you and your loved ones avoid the inconvenience and stress of managing the estate of a loved one following their death. Regardless of whether they died with or without a legal Will, we offer complete Calgary Estate Administration Services.

The simple act of planning your estate in advance alleviates your family from the stress of handling the probate process after they pass away.

What is Estate Administration?

Estate Administration is a blanket term that refers the handling of the legal, financial and tax matters related to a deceased’s estate. The estate’s Personal Representative (sometimes called an Executor or Administrator) is responsible for the administration of the estate. The law holds Personal Representatives to a high legal standard. Personal Representatives are often surprised to learn the extent of the personal liability they can attract should they fail to discharge their duties in a legally correct manner. A qualified professional estate practitioner assists the Personal Representative with the administration of an estate. This assistance includes obtaining a grant of probate or administration from the court if necessary, dealing with claims against the estate, managing beneficiary expectations, dealing with banking institutions, assessing Personal Representative compensation and the many other issues that may come up in the course of a Personal Representative‚Äôs administration.

Bastion Estate Law proudly offers timely, dependable and cost-effective legal services in Calgary. Our expert legal team handles the probate process for you, ensuring that every step is carefully considered in order to alleviate stress and any unnecessary legal costs.

Why Wills and Estate Planning is Important

Wills and Estate Planning is something that everyone must consider at all stages of their adult lives. In addition, ensuring your Will and Estate Plans remain current to your situation, as your life changes and evolves, is very important. At Bastion Estate Law, we understand the importance of having these matters organized sooner rather than later. Our Estate & Wills Services include an analysis of your unique circumstances and family dynamics, providing solutions for your long-term objectives.

Our Calgary Wills & Estate Law Services include:

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Bastion Estate Law proudly offers timely, dependable and cost-effective legal services in Calgary Wills & Estate, Estate Administration and Probate Law

We offer fee-based unbiased estate planning advice for the majority of our Calgary Legal Services
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