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Canada has a generous tax credit system for those who donate to charities. Many Canadians wish to leave a charitable legacy upon their death. Charitable donations can have a number of unanticipated consequences for an estate. Careful planning for such donations is a must. The Legal Team at Bastion Estate Law is here to help you work through the Charitable Giving maze.


How Does Charitable Giving Affect Your Estate Planning?

Many Canadians chose to leave a legacy through a charitable contribution, either during their lifetime or upon their death. Charitable giving can be accomplished through a wide variety of strategies including: outright gifts of property, the use of several insurance related tools, registered savings plans, the purchase of annuities, charitable remainder trusts, and corporate giving, among others.

Improperly structured gifts can result in lost tax benefits and a reduced value realized by the charity and any remaining beneficiaries of the estate.  A qualified estate planning professional will recommend appropriate strategies to accomplish the client’s overall estate planning objectives and incorporate a suitable charitable giving strategy into the final estate plan.

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