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Why Do I Need To Obtain Professional Advice When Preparing My Estate Planning?

This is an important question, especially with all the Pre-Prepared or Online Will Kits that are available these days. However, this “one-size fits all” approach to estate planning can lead to results ranging from tax inefficiencies (meaning your estate pays more tax than it has to) to signing deficiencies or to a complete undermining of the estate planning that does not reflect the wishes of the deceased.

At Bastion Estate Law, it is our experience that many clients are very surprised to discover the complexities of their own estates, when they initially thought it was quite straightforward or “simple.” This is due to the interplay of family history, assets, guardianship, private and employer-provided benefits, insurance, registered savings plans and testamentary trusts that at first glance may seem straightforward. Many people underestimate the consequences of improper planning and do not realize the potential for family discord following a death.

We recommend a properly prepared estate plan, helping you avoid costly future litigation and easing family tensions in the long run.

We recommend that you seek out the advice of a professional who specializes in trust and estate planning and administration, such as a certified Trust and Estate Practitioner or “TEP.” This will help to ensure that your estate plan is comprehensive and tailored to your unique situation. A professional advisor – such as Robert Douglas – provides you with the peace of mind of knowing that you have looked after your estate and family for years to come.

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