Probate lawyer Calgary

Probate lawyer Calgary

It is never an easy time when a loved one passes away. You have many responsibilities following the death, and you and your family members need to mourn. The next steps can be stressful and traumatic as you plan the funeral and burial and review the will. You can ease the burden of the process with help from a probate lawyer in Calgary.

What is Probate?

Probate is the court process to validate and authorize the distribution of an estate. An estate includes a person’s property and assets. When a person dies, the law requires the will to be verified or proven in court. You cannot legally distribute the assets or personal property of a deceased person until you go through the probate process. Part of the probate process is the appointment of an executor. The executor makes decisions on behalf of the estate. A probate lawyer in Calgary helps guide you through the procedure and enables you to fulfill the last wishes of your loved one.

How to Begin the Probate Process

The first step in the probate process is to complete and submit an application. You should do this as soon as possible because after you submit the application, it can take weeks to go to court. It is essential to fill out the application accurately and thoroughly so that they can process it quickly and efficiently. A probate lawyer in Calgary will be beneficial to the procedure. At Bastion Estate Law, we have experience handling all aspects of probate and will guide the process to reduce your stress.

How Long Does Probate Take?

Basic situations that are not complicated will typically take several weeks to complete, based on the workload of the court. In large districts, such as Calgary, the process can take 6 to 9 weeks from the time you apply. The length of time it takes for probate depends on several factors, such as how many other requests the court has open at that particular time. While you can submit the application without any assistance, it is often helpful to seek guidance from an experienced probate lawyer in Calgary. At Bastion Estate Law, we will ensure that we provide complete information to make the probate process as smooth as possible.

How a Probate Lawyer in Calgary Will Help

Probate can be a complex area of the law. Many various grants are part of the petition for probate. As the personal representative, it is extremely helpful to seek advice on the processes and with the court application to ensure that you address everything properly. At Bastion Estate Law, we offer reliable and affordable legal services to assist you throughout probate. We will handle all of the necessary tasks quickly and efficiently. We understand that you need guidance during this process. At Bastion Estate Law, we offer complete wills and estate law services that include wills, trust planning, powers of attorney, personal directive, guardianship, probate law, and much more. Contact us today to learn more about our cost-effective legal services.


Probate lawyer Calgary
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