Estate Planning Calgary

Estate Planning Calgary

Everyone has an estate. An estate includes everything you own, i.e. your car, house, insurance cover, furniture, and other personal possessions. Do you want to distribute your estate with little to no taxes, legal fees, and court intervention? Estate planning in Calgary by Bastion Estate Law is here to help.

Is estate planning for everyone?

Yes, it is! Estate planning is not for the elderly and retired folk alone, as most people tend to believe. It is for all ages and is a service you should get as soon as possible as long as you have personal possessions you invest in. And neither do you have to have a significant estate to consider estate planning: although most people with significant assets look more towards preserving it for the future generations.

Do you have a modest estate you would like to safeguard? I offer you the best in estate planning, allowing you the chance to preserve your estate for the loved ones and give them a better start. 

Reasons you should seek estate planning in Calgary

The main reasons why estate planning should be your top priority include:

  • It helps you avoid probate – in probate, the state takes control of your estate and controls what happens with it. I help you avoid such an eventuality by safeguarding your estate.
  • It helps you to reduce estate taxes – estate taxes are expensive! A significant portion of your estate can go to paying estate taxes if you don’t have the proper systems in place. I put a great estate plan in place, one that can drastically reduce or completely remove estate taxes.
  • Helps you avoid an unfortunate situation – many are the times when families fight over estates, dragging each other through expensive probate proceedings that cost the estate. An estate plan helps you keep the peace within your family.
  • Helps you protect beneficiaries – the main aim of an estate plan is to protect beneficiaries who are minors and to protect adult beneficiaries from losing the estate through bad decisions, negative influences, their creditors, or former spouses. I help you take all the necessary steps to ensure the estate survives through all these eventualities.
  • Protect assets – Estate planning can help you protect your assets in case you get sued. Don’t wait until lawsuit; protect your assets now!

An inexpensive estate planning

Estate planning is not a perk of the rich only: everyone can get it. Think estate planning is too expensive for you? Start small, with what you can manage. I can start you off in making small steps to secure your financial position, such as making a will, getting a term life insurance, drafting a power of attorney, etc.  We can then adjust your plans and change them accordingly as your assets expand, and your financial standing gets better.

Don’t go to estate planning in Calgary alone. Get in touch with a Bastion Estate Law attorney and have peace of mind knowing everything is in order, and according to the law.

Estate Planning Calgary
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