Estate lawyer Calgary

Estate lawyer Calgary

Building a substantial estate is a serious business. Ensuring the estate remains intact after your demise or incapacitation is even more serious. Want to ensure your estate is well taken care of? With Bastion Estate Law, you get an estate lawyer in Calgary that helps you do just that.

Estate lawyer for your estate planning needs

Through estate planning, I help you establish how to preserve, manage, and distribute your estate and assets after your demise. I also help you manage your properties and financial obligations should you become incapacitated. Want to preserve your family’s wealth? Is providing for your loved ones and funding their education past your lifetime vital to you? I help you carry out and fulfill your wishes in the most seamless way possible.

One person’s wishes and goals are different from the next one. Do you want to share out your estate in a specific way, but you don’t know the best way to do it? I not only help you to identify the options you have under the law, but I also make sure to carry out your wishes in the best way possible under the law.

How an estate lawyer in Calgary helps you

As an estate lawyer, I do more than just prepare your last will. I can help you establish living trusts and come up with a plan to reduce or completely avoid estate taxes. I can also help you safeguard your assets and estate and prevent your beneficiaries’ creditors from coming after them once you are gone.

I will prepare the power of attorney and other directives you need to ensure there is a working system in place through which your affairs will continue in the event you become incapacitated. Why do I help you put these systems in place? So that you can avoid issues such as conservatorship and guardianship when looking for someone to take care of your affairs later on.

What to look for in an estate lawyer

Putting your estate in order for the future is a process that requires a lot of expertise, experience, and time. One wrong or misplaced word can completely change the intent of your plans. This is the reason why getting the best estate lawyer to handle it for you is the most critical part of the process.

  • I specialize and have extensive experience in estate law, devoting myself to providing customized services to cater to your unique needs.
  • I make it a point to make you as comfortable as possible and go the extra mile to meet your needs and expectations.
  • I am well versed in estate laws in Calgary and continuously stay up to date on any new changes. There is no chance that the courts can overturn your plan or deemed invalid.

When it comes to making your estate plan, only the best estate lawyer in Calgary will do. Get in touch with Bastion Estate Law today and secure your future and that of your loved ones.   

Estate lawyer Calgary
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