Located on the western edge of Downtown Calgary, Alberta, Bastion Estate Law Office is a law office focused on offering our Calgary & area legal clients a wide variety of Wills & Estate Planning and Legal Estate Administration Services. Our team is led by Robert Douglas.  Rob and his legal team will work with you every step of the way to provide you with the legal assistance you need.

Why Should I Obtain Professional Wills & Estate Planning and Estate Administration Legal Advice?

This is an excellent question in a time when pre-prepared and online do it yourself will kits can seem like a cost-effective solution to your estate planning needs. Many people view their estates as being relatively straightforward or “simple.” At Bastion Estate Law, it is our experience that the majority of clients are surprised to discover the complexities of their estate planning needs. Preconceived notions of estate planning are often based on incorrect or outdated information. Additionally, estate laws vary from province to province. Many testators fall into the trap of assuming that planning strategies from another province will apply where they live. Rarely do pre-prepared “one size fits all” or online will kits accurately reflect unique and specific needs. Things like family history, tax planning, guardianship, assets, and insurance all impact your Estate Planning. A properly prepared estate plan can maximize tax savings, minimize estate administration expenses, avoid family disputes and, most importantly, provide you with peace of mind. Unfortunately, many families don’t discover the costs, lost opportunities and inconvenience of an improperly prepared estate plan until it is too late.

Estate Administration is similar to Estate Planning. Estate administration is a complex area of law. Executors, known as Personal Representatives in Alberta, can attract significant personal liability if they fail to carry out their responsibilities correctly. Decreased or delayed payouts to beneficiaries, increased administration costs, lost tax saving opportunities and family discord are all too common results from a mishandled estate.

What is STEP?

We encourage you to seek out professional legal advice. In addition to being a lawyer, Robert Douglas has earned a Trust and Estate Practitioner or “TEP” designation from the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). Practitioners with a TEP designation have successfully completed a further two years of legal education focused solely on estate matters. STEP is the leading international organization for trust and estate professionals. As a professional advisor, he can provide you with the peace of mind knowing that you have looked after your family and estate for years to come.

Our friendly team prides themselves on offering a high level of service and encourages you to give them a call to discuss your legal needs.

We offer fee-based unbiased estate planning advice for the majority of our Calgary Legal Services
as well as a Complimentary Initial Consultation to discuss your specific needs.

Our Calgary Estate & Wills Legal Services include:

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Our Mission Statement

At Bastion Estate Law, our mission is to provide individuals and their families with professional, comprehensive estate plans and efficient, risk-mitigating estate administration services at a reasonable price.

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“Providing Professional Legal Services to Calgary & Area Clients. Our focus is on Calgary Wills & Estates Law, Estate Planning, Personal Directives, Powers of Attorney, Estate Administration and Probate Law.”

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Bastion Estate Law’s experienced and friendly team of professionals offer legal services in Wills & Estates and Business Law.

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